Services We offer


multiple Disciplinary services

We practice a drug-free, hands-on approach to health care that includes patient examination, diagnosis and treatment.

active treatment

This type of treatment involves exercise to regain range of motion, balance, endurance and strength.

passive treatment

Utilizes proven therapeutic treatments such as ultrasound, electric stimulation and massage.

payment plans available

No insurance? No problem. Doctors Rehab does not want you to sacrifice your health for lack of ability to pay.

Multiple Disciplinary Services

Doctors Rehab is a Chiropractic facility but we are more than just chiropractic care. As a multiple disciplinary clinic Doctors Rehab works with a team of highly skilled professionals in many disciplines of medicine. We work in conjunction with the top neurosurgeons, orthopaedists, MRI facilities and pain management specialists in the region in order to provide the highest quality care. Doctors Rehab utilizes all our resources in creating individualized, comprehensive treatment plans for most any type of injury, no matter how minor or severe. Whether you have been injured at work, in an auto accident, struck by a semi truck, slip and fall type injuries, or need personal care the team at Doctors Rehab has the knowledge, skill, and drive to help you.

active treatment

• Therapeutic exercises to develop strength and endurance as well as range of motion and flexibility

• Work hardening/conditioning for physical rehabilitation of injured workers

• Neuromuscular reeducation to help gain movement, balance, and coordination for sitting and/or standing activity

• Gait training to redevelop and strengthen the rhythm and speed of gait

“Modality Treatment” should be added to the section beneath the “Active Treatment”

• Therapeutic E-stim to help reduce pain/edema and increase muscle stimulation and strengthening

• Therapeutic Ultrasound that provides deep warming to soft tissue which can aid in recovery and pain reduction

• Therapeutic Massage can relax and enhance the functioning of connective tissue and aid in reducing pain

• Chiropractic manipulation may positively influence joint and neurophysiological function

• Paraffin wax may reduce pain, increase circulation and relax affected areas


Doctors Rehab believes in proven methods of physical rehabiliation. Below are just a few of the therapies we offer:

 • E-stim for muscle stimulation

 • Ultrasound that provides deep warming to soft tissue which can aid in recovery

 • Massage which can relax and enhance the functioning of connective tissue

 • Chiropractic manipulation and adjustments to align the spine and body

 • Paraffin wax can help increase blood flow and relax the affected muscle area.

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